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Welcome to My Fine Art Gallery

One of the things about Melissa Reeves Photography that makes us so unique in the Charleston area is our specialty in fine art portraiture photography.

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What is Fine Art?

Fine art photography is a very unique piece of artwork created by hours of dedication and detailed hand editing. As an artist, my camera is used as just a tool in the process of creating beautiful and timeless artwork - a piece of work that expresses my unique vision and aesthetic that will bring out the beauty of that precise moment in time of you and your loved ones to cherish forever.





Preserving your precious memories is a wise investment in your own future.  My client's and I work together to create a one-of-a-kind art piece for your home or business. I turn your most precious and centimental moments in life into gorgeous works of art that you will be able to cherish for a lifetime. Anyone can take a cell phone shot or hand you a thumb-drive full of images. However, you may only view those images once.  In ten or twenty years, you may no longer have the ability to access those images.

We work together to create a fine art wall piece that uniquely captures your personality in such a uniquely magical way.  Our fine art portraits are created with artistry, skill, and passion.

We offer fine art portraits for family photos, newborn sessions, and children's portraits! This special offer can be added in advanced or even after booking any photography session that we offer

Why Choose Fine Art?

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