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First off, if you’ve never had photos taken before - It’s going to be waaaay easier and more fun than you probably expect! In fact, I do as much as I can to avoid any cheesy poses or awkward moments.

We’ll start off by just hanging out for a couple minutes - Feel free to let me know your favorite drink and I’ll do my best to bring a few along! Once we’re ready to take a few photos, it's all about you interacting and connecting in whatever way is natural to you. 


I’ve got a handful of favorite activities that will give you all something to do and get the interactions started. Every couple and every family is unique, so your session is really totally up to you. If you have ideas for an epic location or fun activity I’m 100% down to go with the flow. Most people think a photoshoot is going to be awkward, boring and full of fake smiles. The truth is your session is about capturing the REAL you. So bring your genuine self, and we’ll capture some amazing photos together. No cheesy poses required. 


You’ll find that my work represents one of the best values for families looking for timeless, beautiful photographs you will adore.

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